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Little Wonky arrived with us just before Christmas in 2017.  He came from a cat household who did not neuter, and this resulted in inter breeding, and deformed babies like Wonky.  Both his back legs were the wrong way round from the knee downwards.  But lets not dwell...


Cliff came from a very crowded multi-cat household of un-neutered cats, all scared of everybody and everything!  Cliff in particular was nervous, the most affected by his past home!  After some months we felt it was kinder for Cliff to be released to live in our...


One of four very poorly little white kittens from a multi-cat household, close to death with cat flu – enteritis – infected eyes.  This little bunch were  so very poorly!  They slowly regained their strength after lots of care, attention and medication. It took one...


Tammy was rescued from an awful multicat household where she was living feral with 20 other cats with very well meaning people.  But it was all totally out of control.  None were neutered, they were hiding, cold and hungry. Gradually they were bought to us where they...


Friend Salem came to us as a very wild few month old cat.  He was placed in isolation where he would go mad climbing the walls if anyone got near.  Very tricky when it came to cleaning out. After some time it was decided to release him into the local population as...


Franco was one of four kittens rescued from Ireland.  They had been abandoned with terribly infected eye conditions! The worst we’ve seen! Poor kittens spent 6 weeks with eye lotions, antibiotics, constant cleaning them up.  Already quite nervous, made it more...


Buster came from a factory premises.  He was a young feral kitten in a colony of mixed aged cats. Traumatised and scared we managed to trap him and a few of the others and bring him back to Romney House.  He was quite frightened of people as we are fairly sure they...


Summer was living amongst 23 other cats in a multi cat household.  They were all kept in an outbuilding in the damp and cold. They were all interbreeding! When Summer first came to us, she went into a cat house with three of her siblings. She went crazy being so...


Little Roz was born at stables with her brother Rolo. Their mother was friendly but the kittens were not handled and became feral.  The owners were worried and wanted the kittens to be out of danger and mum safely neutered and re-homed. After several attempts at...


  Snow’s story is a long one and can best be found on Facebook.  He was rescued in Italy after being found in a terrible state. He had some nasty wounds and being a white cat in a hot country had very bad cancerous ears which had become infected. He had to have...