One of four very poorly little white kittens from a multi-cat household, close to death with cat flu – enteritis – infected eyes.  This little bunch were  so very poorly!  They slowly regained their strength after lots of care, attention and medication.

It took one year to get them into shape, but all happy and healthy now.  Poor Ziggy, after getting back into great shape, decided at two years old to climb the biggest tree in the garden and slip on the moss, tumbling down and hitting a cat play centre on the way down!  He lay there unable to move for some time.  Eventually we wondered why he didn’t turn up for lunch – usually he would run at the sound of a pouch opening!  The most worrying four days were ahead, when we found he couldn’t stand.  He had daily visits to the vets, manipulation and massage; slowly, he started to stand!  Slowly, slowly!  The relief was overwhelming.

Ziggy is back to his normal self, but doesn’t climb trees and has to be lifted to high places, e.g. the bed for cuddles.