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Make a House a home with a Romney House Furry Friend.
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Our latest cats looking for a new home.



Please make an appointment before visiting the centre.  Thank you.

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 When we are re homing adult cats, We ask for certain details before being able to place a cat to new adopters.

We will send you a rehoming booklet to read through.

we ask if you live in a safe environment with no busy roads.

we ask if you have any children and their ages.

We ask if you have any other pets.

This enables us to see the suitability of any of the cats in our care.

If a cat is of interest and fits your requirements we may ask for video footage or photos of your front garden, front road, back garden, downstairs area of your home. ( No tidying up required!).

We always want to make sure our kittens are homed into the best environments. Because of this all prospective owners must fall into the following categories before we will home to them.   Please   read these before considering adopting a kitten. Feel free to raise any questions to us directly  

We will not be able to exactly fit everybody’s request on colour, etc. Please ask BEFORE you come (although we do not agree with colour choice!)

Must not live on a busy road (we always do a home check)

Should not have a child under 5 years old

Single kittens must not be left alone for more than 4 hours

Pairs of kittens may be left alone longer but not for full working days

We prefer to home kittens in pairs as they play with each other

No older cats (over 10 years old) as a furry bullet will cause additional stress on an older cat

We will not normally home to indoor only households unless the kitten has specific needs

We ask for proof of neutering at age 5 – 6 months

Kittens will be vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped before they are homed

We ask for a donation of £150 per kitten or £270 for 2 kittens This covers the cost of their vet care, vaccinations, microchipping etc up to homing age (normally 8 – 10 weeks old) We are for £150 for a adult cat and £270 for 2 adult cats.


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