Missing & Losts Cats

Help to find your lost cat

  • Thoroughly check your home
  • Shake a box of their favourite biscuits to entice them home.
  • Thoroughly check your home
  • If your cat has a favourite toy, try leaving it in your garden.
  • Cats have a strong sense of smell – leave out a regular blanket or bedding to encourage your cat out of hiding.
  • You might find your moggy is more active at night, especially during hotter weather. Go out with a friend or family member when it is dark to call for your cat by name.
  • Leave a bowl of water out and some food. A tasty treat such as tuna might be enough to bring your cat home.

Is my cat lost?

Not all cats are house cats. Some are inclined to wander, especially if there is fuss or food to be found elsewhere. It is normal for your cat to pop in and out throughout the day – especially if they have a taste for adventure. If your cat hasn’t returned by the time dinner time comes around, however, you might be worried that your cat is missing. Try not to panic. Cats can disappear for days at a time and return with no trouble, looking perfectly healthy. While you might be worried, they’re likely to stroll in and wonder what all the fuss is about. If they haven’t yet returned, give them a few hours before you make a plan of action.

Check Every Single Room and Hiding Place

Check every single room and hiding place in your house from under the bed to behind washing machines. Cats can squeeze in to very small spaces so they could be hiding or stuck somewhere.

behind curtains, sofas, cupboards under beds, duvets, tables, inside cupboards, chimneys, washing machines, ovens, bins, any storage spaces, check outside in and behind bins, sheds and garages check under cars in wheel arches and even under vehicle bonnet.

Search the area

Keep in mind that your cat may wander further than you think. If you’ve moved recently, ask around your old address in case your cat has gone back there. Ask your neighbours to check anywhere where your cat may have got trapped inside such as sheds or garages. If there are any building sites nearby ask them to have a look around there also. During the evening, when it is more quiet, see if you can hear your cat meow when you call their name or shake their food in case they are trapped somewhere and calling out.

Report your cat missing to your Micro chip company

Inform the company where your cat’s microchip is registered as soon as possible. This will stop someone being able to try and change the microchip details. Equally it is an opportunity to check that your details are up to date should anyone find your cat and need to contact you. Some companies.

Make a report to your local animal centres

Many rescue centres keep a lost and found database where your details can be saved in case a match to your cat is found.

Check with nearby Vets

Check with local vets in case your cat has been injured and someone has taken them to a vet for help.

Report it to the police  if you think your pet has been stolen

They may be aware of similar activity in your area and be able to help you

Spread the word

Put posters up but remember to put the posters inside plastic sleeves to protect them from the rain if they’re outside. Put them up in local shops, vets, pubs, notice boards, the area where your pet went missing and through the doors of neighbouring streets. Register your cat on any lost and found websites and share on social media.

Caring for your cat

FIV in cats

Stressed cats symptons and relief

Introducing your cat to the outside

Toxic Foods and items your cat can’t eat

Winter cat care

Creating a cat friendly garden

Introducing your cats to each other

Introducing your Cats and Dogs

Cat Neutering

Summer cat care

Creating cat friendly home

Introducing your cats to kids

Feeding your Cat

Cats and fireworks

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Little Wonky arrived with us just before Christmas in 2017.  He came from a cat household who did not neuter, and this resulted in inter breeding, and deformed babies like Wonky.  Both his back legs were the wrong way round from the knee downwards.  But lets not dwell...


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Friend Salem came to us as a very wild few month old cat.  He was placed in isolation where he would go mad climbing the walls if anyone got near.  Very tricky when it came to cleaning out. After some time it was decided to release him into the local population as...


Franco was one of four kittens rescued from Ireland.  They had been abandoned with terribly infected eye conditions! The worst we’ve seen! Poor kittens spent 6 weeks with eye lotions, antibiotics, constant cleaning them up.  Already quite nervous, made it more...


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Summer was living amongst 23 other cats in a multi cat household.  They were all kept in an outbuilding in the damp and cold. They were all interbreeding! When Summer first came to us, she went into a cat house with three of her siblings. She went crazy being so...


Little Roz was born at stables with her brother Rolo. Their mother was friendly but the kittens were not handled and became feral.  The owners were worried and wanted the kittens to be out of danger and mum safely neutered and re-homed. After several attempts at...


  Snow’s story is a long one and can best be found on Facebook.  He was rescued in Italy after being found in a terrible state. He had some nasty wounds and being a white cat in a hot country had very bad cancerous ears which had become infected. He had to have...