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Vaccinations & yearly booster jabs are very important for cats, even those kept solely indoors.

The jabs protect cats against a variety of viruses, some of which can be fatal.

Some of these viruses are very hardy & can be carried into the house on clothing, footwear etc.

Routine vaccinations protect against...

Feline Infectious Entiritus (F.I.E.) caused by the parvo/panluekemia virus which is fatal & widespread in the general environment. It can be easilly & accidentally introduced into an indoor home environment.

Feline Leukaemia virus (F.E.L.V.) caused by direct feline to feline contact often through scratches saliva & bites. An infected cats health will deteriorate, they may suffer from aneamia, leukaemia, tumors etc. 

Cat flu - herpes (F.H.V-1) & calci (F.C.V.)virus, are non fatal in themselves but the symptoms & illness can be dangerous & very unpleasant. There are many strains of flu virus, the vaccine protects against these two more dangerous manifestations only.

There is currently no vaccination against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus proven to be effective. F.I.V. is not fatal but can cause a weakened immune system leaving cats vulnerable to other infections. It is spread via blood on blood contact through a bite from an infected animal or though sexual intercourse.



The presence of Feline Infectious Entiritus in catteries in the past, has caused fatal epidemics. Young & un-innoculated animals are at serious risk from this disease. Before vaccines were administered routinely, this was known as cat show fever. Animals returning from close proximity to a number of unfamiliar animals from a variety of environments brought home infections. Collections of un-protected animals in a concentrated cattery situation could be completely wiped out in a number of days.  Modern cats can come into contact with this virus outdoors, or you can bring it in to them on footwear for example.

Please keep your animals vaccinations up to date

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