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Tiggers travels....


What an adventure young Tigger has had. He was rescued by a caring couple in Dubai. When they discovered they had to come back to England, they did not want to leave him behind as he would have simply died out there. They went through all the trouble of getting him a passport & brought him back to the UK. They hoped they would be able to keep him forever. Tigger became a very inquisitive & roamy cat however, they were often being called up by people roads away, to say that he had just arrived in their gardens having crossed many busy A roads. Whilst I was coming home one day I noticed him on the edge of a very busy road & stopped my car. I put him in my carrier & took him to Romney House. I called his owners & hearing his story I offered to re-home him from Romney House. One month later they decided it was going to be the safest thing for him although they were very sad to see him go. Tigger needed a home with lots of outdoor space, away from a busy roads. After the ordeal travelling from Dubai & then his continued wanderings, his journeying was still not over...


Tigger started to get a little restless in his pen at Romney House. He did have a few offers of homes, but they were not the right ones. I held on to him until the right home finally surfaced for him.
His new family were informed of all of his ways & antics & as they were (cat People) they agreed to do everything that was suggested - most importantly  "Keep windows & doors shut securely". If any cat required this precaution, it was Tigger. They took 2 cats & lost the first after only a few hours, as they forgot to lock the cat flap. Then Tigger got out the day after when they left the window open!
He did what he is best at & travelled across busy roads to find himself 2 miles away at a school fete. He joined in & decided he liked the look of a lovely family & followed them home. They were not sure if he belonged to somebody but they thought he looked lost so were so very kind & sensible to take him in & call a local rescue group to see if he had a chip. Wonderful things!!
I was contacted & rushed there to collect him.
He had spend such a lovely day at this lovely families home as you can see by the picture.
I asked if they wanted to keep him but they already had 2 cats...SHAME!! But a big thank you to them.
the moral of this story is!!
When you first have a rescue cat...





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