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The Tale of Sox

This is an update for Sox.  Sox was the focus of a recent capaign on the facebook page.  This is his story.


A couple had been feeding a stray for several months. He then disappeared for a bit and returned with a very bad injury to his eye. They could not get near him so they called all around but nobody would help.

I wanted to help this cat so they collected a trap from me; Sox was caught. I asked them to take him straight to Brandon at the Barrier Vets where he was treated.

Unfortunately, his eye was so injured that it had to be removed. He came to recover at Romney house and slowly began to trust us.

The problem was the £900 vet bill!! I spoke to the couple and told them. Brandon my vet was very generous and reduced the bill to £500. We raised £80 on Facebook then the couple paid the rest . They decided to take him on!!

And what a change in character. He is very at home and loves being fussed and cuddled.  He is an extremely friendly fellow and vey talkative.




Chapter contents