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Sardi Flies Home From Sardinia to Denmark

It all started at a family council around Easter where we had to decide, where the annual family holiday would go to. We had spent a couple of cold and wet summers in Denmark, so we agreed, that this year we had to go south for sun and swimming. Choice was between Sicily and Sardinia and as the temperature in Sicily looked to be prohibitive, we chose Sardinia.
My sister in law found the flight and the house in Fertilia, close to Alghero, which I helped her rent. And off we went.
We happened to get down on a Friday in a heatwave - 38 degrees C, so we didn't do much for the first day. Just took in the house and found the local restaurant, which had excellent food - especially pizzas with thin and crunchy crusts.
Saturday we tried out for the best beach in the vicinity - Bombarde - but unfortunately I was not used to the heat, so I had to give up going with the others, and just swelter in the shade .....
Sunday day we took in Alghero - a very charming city with lost of old houses, bastions and churches. There was supposed to be an antique market but we never found it. Maybe it has been abandoned? What I did find was a nice hat to screen off the sun. And we also found a nice restaurant with seafood.
Monday - I don't think we did anything really, except for going to the beach. As evening fell, we did a barbeque and then Sardi and his companions showed up - food was a probability! I don't have pictures of Sardi from this part of the story, but try and imagine a little fluffball which can fit into your hands. He must have been at the  most 8 weeks old, but of course he was the leader of the gang of three undernourished kittens. I fed him some scraps from the barbeque and he ended up sleeping in my lap - purring.
I bought some kitten food and laid it out for the kittens.

Tuesday and Wednesday we had rented a car and went to the Neptune Grotto, the faboulous beach at Stintino and Borsa with the impressive castle. Really interesting places with lost of sights including a grave in the cliffs from around 3.500 BC and a very contemporary wineyeard, where we bought some really nice white and redwine. Both evenings Sardi and companions joined us for dinner and Sardi also for a cuddle..... I thought about taking him to Denmark, but with the regulations on rabies vaccine and chipping and pet passport, it seemed impossible to do, so I left it at that.

Thursday the family went snorkling outside the Neptune grotto, while I and my other sister in law spent the day reading and relaxing. I also had to clean the backyard as Sardi had had a runny tummy the night before..... At night we did another barbeque and Sardi joined us for another cuddle and scraps.

Friday we had to take off early and I didn't see Sardi and companions. But I laid out another amount of food for them and left the bag for the next renters of the house.. And we took off for Denmark ....

Back home I felt really bad about abandoning the kittens, so I looked up the internet for some kind of rescue organisation in Sardinia. And lo and behold - the house we had rented  is owned by Silvana, who does a local cat and dog rescue job in Sardinia on top of her organisation in the UK!

She made somebody feed the kittens and as I expressed my wish to take Sardi to DK, she had him taken to the vet for the rabies vaccine. The chip was a trouble though, as it has to adhere to an ISO standard, which the local vet was not familar with. However, Silvana would bring a chip to Sardinia for the 3rd week of August, and we agreed that I would come down to pick him up, get the pet passport and take him home.

So 21. August I boarded the plane for Sardinia at 11.20 in Copenhagen, spent some 4 boring hours in Romes airport, where I bought some nice ties for my better half,  and arrived at the house about 7.15 pm. I was greeted by Silvanas friend and her children who stayed in the house. Sardi was installed in Silvanas "cat and dog house" near Alghero. Silvana took us to her appartment in Alghero, and we visited the cat colony at the harbour. What a sad lot.... Many with eye sickness but well fed becuase of Silvanas and friends work.

On Wednesday morning we went to the cat and dog house and collected Sardi for his chipping at the vet in Alghero on 22 August. There were 3 really nice and friendly dogs and a number of cats, one of which Silvana had rescued about a week ago "sticks in fur". He was recuperating and looked a lot better, but still thin as a rail....

Now for the nitty gritty: chipping and rabies should have been done at the same time .....  However, the vet had a long discussion in Italian (which I don't speak) with the central passport authorities in Sassari - 30 km from Fertilia - and worked out, that if we could be at this authority by 12.30 at the latest, we could get the passport. And in order to get a passport the owner of the cat had to be a Sardinien resident. Fortunately Silvanas son Tony was a resident, so I sort of "borrowed his indenty" for the registration. Just another boring detail: we had to pay some obscure duties amounting to just above 10 EUR at the postoffice, before we could get the passport. Now the time was around 10.30.

So to the postoffice in Alghero - we got number 124 and the number being serviced was 99 ... I do sometimes get a good idea, so I suggested that we go to the Fertilia postoffice for the payments. And after some driving around (traffic is HORRIBLE in Alghero) we made it to the postoffice around 11.25. Yes ... and Silvanas son Tony did a really good job of skirting the worst places.

There was 1 customer in front of us at the Fertilia postoffice. We were served by a not very talkative, but very efficient officer, so at about 11.45 we had paid and were due for the airport of Fertilia/Alghero, where we could find a taxi.

At 11.55 Tony dropped me at the airport, and I went to the top of the taxicue. And got a fantastic driver! He spoke a little English so we could have a conversation, he drove very securely and efficiently and he knew Sassari, so at 12.15 we were at the right entrance for the pet passport. I went in - no reception, no signs saying where to go... Then the driver entered, spoke to some people at the ground floor, who pointed us to the 1. floor. The driver spoke to the people in the first open office, who " certainly did not have to do with pet passports" as I got it. They pointed us further down the corridor, where the driver again asked for the pet passport people. And next door it was. At 12.30 I had the passsport, and the driver took us back to Fertilia. And refused full fare - maybe because I had tipped him at Sassari ...

My cellphone didn't work, so I tried the public phone at Fertilia plaza - which doesn't take money for calls, and which didn't work for SMS. I went to the house, nobody there, and sat in the shade still with Sardi in the transport box. After a little I got to thinking: why have they left the gate open? Maybe there would be a key hidden somewhere - and there was! I installed Sardi in my bedroom with food and water and sat down to relax a bit.

People came in drips and draps, but we all had champagne to celebrate the passport!

There was a football match on with Chelsea in the evening, so everybody except me and Blaise, daughter of Silvanas friend, went off to see the match on large screen. I went to the local and had some nice fish and a glass of wine. When I got back to the house, Blaise had had a scare as she thought, that the neighbour next door was suddenly in the kitchen, while she was tending Sardi.  She had closed the doors and windows and sat huddled in front of the telly. I tried to calm her down and I think I succeeded. She didn't want the squid that I brought home, though :-)

Blaise stayed on the couch and I had simply to go to bed around 11 as I was bushed. In the morning we got up and got breakfast before Silvana arrived at around 9.30 and we went to the airport. There was a HUGE cue, and suddenly a flight for Torino was called and everybody for Torino jumped the cue. I got miffed. When I got the chance I therefore also jumped the cue, presented passports and was told to pay the extra cat fare at another counter. We did, Silvana and I, with a not very serviceminded officer, who let us wait for at least 5 minutes, because a colleguae had asked her something. Then Silvana and I parted company as I had to go through security, where there was another LONG cue. I had to take Sardi out of the box for the X-ray, fortunately he was calm as a cucumber. I managed to buy some water and at 10 minutes to departure, we boarded the plane. And took off for Rome, where we spent 3 boring hours waiting for the connecting flight to Copenhagen.

Now you would think that everything went well? Not so! The tube in Copenhagen had beeen affected by an accident, and my tube line didn't work. So another taxi  had to be involved. (Think I'll call Sardi "the taxi cat")

But finally we were home, and the resident cat Leo was ready to hiss at his best of this new member of the family. They are still not friends, but the hissing has got less, and Sardi is now venturing out onto the terrasse on his own. Hope for a good relationship and a good cat life remain :-)

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