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Rachel Three Years On

Dear Silvana

I thought you might like a three year update on Rachel (formerly Chelsea) who is now happier than ever, enjoying being the rector’s cat. We’ve been in Haslemere since last September and she settled really quickly into our new house (as did Esther, her much disliked Abyssinian step sister). She loves it when I have a meeting or a visitor and wanders back and forth over everyone’s lap, commenting on what’s going on and paying particular attention to anyone wearing a dark suit. What really makes her vocal is if we shut our eyes to pray at any time (well, I am a priest, so it does happen….) – she sits in the middle of the floor and miaows loudly.  When I first had her she never made a sound but she has really found her voice and her purr now – she has a lovely range of very musical sounds and I think she knows very well how irresistible they are!  Her other bad habit is weaving backwards and forwards across the computer screen, and since it’s a touch screen her tail  can play havoc with my work.  She did once send an e mail – fortunately it was to one of her many fans. She still won’t use the catflap (loud noise, and might catch that splendid tail) and only goes outside if the door is left open, preferably with someone in the garden to keep her company, but she really enjoys it then.  You might remember she was quite traumatised when she arrived with you, and she used to be really timid with me.  All that’s left of that is a sort of reflex that if you move fast towards her she can’t help running away… but she is soon back for more fuss.  Here are some pictures – including one of her favourite game of arranging her beloved collection of woolly mice in interesting patterns. The one nearest to her was Joseph’s favourite mouse (remember Joseph, the tabby point Siamese I had from you?) which has miraculously survived a great deal of attention for more than four years and is always the one she brings first! However, if Esther brings in a live mouse and lets it go in the house Rachel gets very nervous and worried – she hasn’t a clue what to do.

If I remember rightly, I was looking for another Siamese when I met Rachel, and finished up with a sort of fluffy woolly bear of a cat instead – but I’ve never regretted it!

Hope all is going well with you.  Tilly and Treacle, who went to live with Christopher, are really well too – very settled and happy and excellent company. There’s a picture of them too.

Rachel is making for the screen – I’m going to press send quickly!

Best wishes


Rev'd Mary Bowden

Rector: Haslemere and Grayswood

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