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Italian Trip - neutering trip with 2 vets and 10 volunteers

The day had come, the anxiety started to creep in....have we got everything? how will it go?....will we manage to trap any cats.?

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The suitcase was full of everything you needed for neutering 200 cats. That was a lot!

Wednesday morning and Lauren, Andy, Anna, Khadje and their team arrived!

After showing them the surrounding colonies where we would be working, we got back to the house and vets got ready to start immediately!  They did not want to waste any time.

From then on, it was full on, hardly having time to eat or sleep for most!

The word had got out in the area of Fertilia. People were knocking on doors with knowledge of cats or even bringing them to us themselves.

The harder to reach we managed to catch or trap.  The Hotel cats El Faro still had a few left to neuter, as did the port cats. A local priest feeding lots of cats also needed our help. So much to do.

The difference to when I started to neuter the cats in Alghero ten years ago is unbelievable! I used to get so many people telling me off for doing what I was doing, as it went against nature. Now people were joining in and actually agreeing its the only way forward to reducing so many unwanted cats, and especially the death of so many kittens who have no chance of a life and of survival.

The vets and the team were absolutely wonderful.  Some very stressful times, worries about cats who were poorly!

The bottom room became the recovery room where the cats would stay over night or until ready for them to re release.

The staggering number of cats neutered in a week was 65. A massive difference this will make to the surrounding area especially Fertilia, where we concentrated our efforts.
The neighbours would bring home made food and gifts to thank the vets and the team. They had food for most days!

Rescuing pups and dogs were not on the agenda, but happened. They belonged to my builder who knows very little on the welfare of animals.  I asked him to bring his poor female dog over to have the vets neuter her. She just had so many pups in one year.

Unfortunately, when we saw her and how fearful of him she was, we insisted he allowed us to take her. He agreed letting us have her three pups and another two adult dogs.  We had 4 days t work out what we were going to do to get them back!!!

After many many calls to airlines, DEFRA , transport companies, I decided to call Animal Inn, who I use for quarantine facility here in the UK.  They came up trumps and drove immediately with their van to Sardinia to collect the 6 dogs. I asked how much space he would have for cats...I ended up filling the van with 14 cats I had recently rescued and being kept at my shelter!

That was not on the agenda..but you never know what is ahead of you when you do any work which involves animals!

The animals are now in quarantine for their 21 day stay then back to Romney for homing.  The dogs and pups are going to be fostered and most have found homes already.

As for the cats in Sardinia..There will be lots of cats and kittens lives saved.
Fantastic work everybody!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Silvana xx

Footnote from Mark.  If you read back in the news you will gather that my family have visited the colonies in Alghero.  Having seen first hand the conditions there, and the brilliant work that is being done, I just had to add my thanks to everyone who went out in July.  If we hadnt been on holiday ourselves we would have been there.  All the best and thanks again.

Chapter contents