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Munchie's Story


Munchies story begin in the summer when we fostered three black kittens from Romney House.  This took our total cat population to five which we decided was too many, so in the end Snap, Crackle and Pop had to return to Romney House for rehoming.  But we had decided that there was room in our life for one more member of the cat family to add to our two middle aged sisters.

In October there we still many kittens waiting for homes at Romney House, and some were black which we knew would be difficult to home.  So off we set to choose a kitten for the start of half term.  We decided after consultation with Silvana to pick a kitten which wasn’t too shy but equally wasn’t too bold; as we would be introducing him to our two sisters.  Oh yes, and we decided we wanted a boy in the hope he would get on better with the two girls.

So we chose our kitten and bought him home; setting up shop in my daughter Christina’s bedroom.  Munchies was named after the sweets in common with our current two cats; Smartie and Skittles.

Munchie was quite quiet when he arrived, not shy but not playful; eating but not lots.  Right from the start he was very friendly and soon he was on laps and rubbing round us.  It took two to three weeks of 24*7 attention (yes that includes overnight!) before Munchie started to act like a proper kitten.  He started to play properly, and eat a lot more.  Our choice of the name Munchie now had two meanings.

Next of course came integration.  First Munchie got the run of the upstairs.  We still have a stairgate from when the children were young (they are now 15) which we use to keep the cats downstairs when we want to.  Now this also acted as an introduction barrier.  To start with Munchie, Smartie and Skittles stared at each other through the bars.  Our two current cats were curious, not nervous.  Hopefully this was something to do with Munchie being small.  After a few days of ‘through the bars’ we started opening the gate just far enough so they could touch noses.  So far all was going well.  After another few days we decided it was time for full introductions.  We let Munchie downstairs.  Smartie and Skittles were very curious.  They followed the small black addition round the downstairs.  So far so good.  No fights, no hissing and no sulks.

Of course as Munchie gained in confidence so did his ability to annoy the sisters.  Sometime they are happy to play with him; especially Skittles who has found a new lease of playfulness.  He loves playing with tails and bouncing on them, then darting away.  Sometimes he is told off usually with a bang on the head.  But he doesn’t care, and is back for more in a few seconds.  On the up side he likes to keep them company.  If one is asleep on the front room table, then so is Munchie.   If one is looking out the window, so is Munchie.  So far things are going really well.  As I type he has bounced past after Smartie.

The next challenge is the cat flap.  We have two cat flaps, one from the back room into the utility room and then one to the outside.  So far he hasn’t figured out either, but he’s watching.  I’m sure it won’t be that long, and he isn’t allowed out yet.

I will just round off by saying you get out what you put in.  We’ve done fostering twice now, as well as adopting Munchie.  And spending that time at the start turns your kittens into people cats.  Cats which like laps, being around you.  It’s worth the effort.


Chapter contents