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.. Litter tray positioning

Guidelines for positioning litter trays


• preferably place more than one tray at ground level in separate but permanent locations, cats like their environment to be fixed. 

Try to find private, secure spots from which they can still bolt (perhaps a quiet corner) but within easy reach for them. A spacious cupboard at floor level can be ideal provided they have permanent access.

• If you have a deep cupboard or storage space you could use - consider cutting a section from the door or putting in a cat flap.

• If the litter tray is to be located in a separate room such as a W.C. (not advised due to disturbing pipes/plumbing etc.) ensure that the door is either propped open, or has a cat flap.

• Ensure that the tray is secure, it should not move around on a slippery floor or sit on an uneven surface. Cats should feel  safe from the risk of it tipping over while they are busy within it.

• Keep the litter clean! Cats have a far better sense of smell than we do, and if the litter is smelly to you, it will be very unpleasant for your cat. For us - it would be as though a toilet had not been flushed after several visits.

• Especially if you have a large house or more than one cat, put litter trays in different but convenient locations.


Put their tray near to anything they have bad asociations with, eg. A vacuum cleaner

Position their litter too close to where they eat - you wouldn't eat in a W.C.

• Place a litter tray in or by pathways within the house, or anywhere that sees high activity.

• Place a tray next to appliances that may alarm or disturb them, or where anything could fall from above - they will not forget a bad experience

• Position litter near doorways or where there could be spectators

• Over clean, excessive activity or attention to the tray may put them off, as will the strong smell of cleaning products. (use something gentle)


Cats sometimes feel uncomfortable if their litter is sat on a cold hard floor, in their minds they may think they cannot dig /bury waste in stone. Try positioning a rug beneath it but never expect immediate results, be patient.

If your cat is new to your house, position the litter tray somewhere secure within the room they are being settled into. You can always gradually move it later, but it should be within easy reach until it is crystal clear what everything is for. (the same is true for kittens)

Praise & reward cats for behaving correctly & never Scold them.

They are never at fault - as their keepers it is up to us to teach them what to do. We have brought them into our world & it is our failing if they don't understand. Start again & try to imagine it from their point of view. 

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