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.. How to keep cats happy

Cats can feel insecure if they have been relocated or if they do not have a secure core territory.


Cats will sleep for %75 of the day depending on the individual & their surroundings.

Cats sleep so much as they are obliogate carnivores, which means they need to stop to digest dense meat. Also they conserve rather than waste the energy they intake in the same way, as in the wild they may need to spend a large ammount of it hunting.

Ideally your felines would have a room of their own, somewhere comfortable & peaceful to sleep (preferably off the ground so they can really really relax) complete with a scratching post or matt, water & an appropriate litter area nearby. This may not be possible, but if they can share a quiet room somewhere, that would be a good comprimise. Problems can occur if cats are not getting the required ammount of restfull sleep (we all know how that feels). In combination with this, if they are not getting the correct food, things can become problematic. If they cannot relax at home they may become frustrated & even develop problem behaviour. They may spend more & more time outside, looking to satisfy their nature elsewhere.



Enrichment can be an important part of a housecats life, our indoor environments can be very static & may lack in stimulation - potentially causing behaviour problems. Please visit our enrichments pages for ways to entertain your cats



The recommended limit of cats per household is 1 per bedroom. Ideally, one quiet room in the house should be a safe retreat (den) for cats (even if it is shared such as an adults bedroom). So that they may feel comfortable & free to behave as comes naturally to them without anxiety. Their core room where they will go to find peace should be away from hustle & bustle & free from children etc. (we - as an example - do not regularly sleep etc in public places).

When a cat or kitten is first re-homed a room should be prepared for their arrival, this room would ideally act as of that point as their secure core territory.


Very young kittens gain much of their moisture through the food that they eat, but fresh water should always be available for when they begin to investigate. Cat milk is not advisable for kittens & cows milk, although they may enjoy it, is not advisable for any cat.

Kittens should be at least 8 weeks old before they are re-homed to new famillies. By this time they should be automatically house trained. All we should need to do is put a little consideration into allowing for them to behave as is natural for them, for a happy household.



Chapter contents