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Cherry now Rafiki

Thought I would email and update you on Cherry on page 95 of the happy endings.
She’s now called Rafiki after the monkey in the Lion King. I was unloading the car after going shopping. After I had finished she wasn’t where I saw her sleeping when I first got home. Looking down the hall, there she was. In just a few minutes she managed to get up onto the table, pull out a bag, drag it off the table and down into the hall, tear it open and start munching her way into a nice big bag of prawns! Without a doubt one of those moments when I’m supposed to be cross at her for ruining my dinner, but can’t help but laugh at the cheekiness of the little monkey.
Anyway she now lives with three other cats, two of which are also rescues. She has a large garden which is surrounded by fields for her to play in, returning to a welcome home for cuddles and her corner of the bed.
Kind Regards,
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