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Bonzo at home


Hope that you and all the cats are well.

Just thought I'd send you a little update on Bonzo.

So we've had him for about 2 months, although it seems much longer than that, probably because he has settled in so well, and it's like we've always had him.
I brought him a harness and lead so I can take him out to the garden for a little walks around, although at times I feel stupid walking him around! (Although as you'll notice in the pictures, the colour purple suits him!)

Anyway at night he sleeps mainly on the bed, in-between us..... usually his head on the pillow and his body on top of the duvet, and sometimes he just leans himself against you with a thud! he's a little monkey but he's an absolute gem.
His favourite position to lie in, is on his back with his legs in the air! it really cracks me up, and he just looks at you as if to say 'well if you were a cat you'd do this too!' The things he doesn't like are; the hoover (hates that with a passion), you'd have thought that he'd be used to it by now considering I hoover probably twice a day! he also hates my hair dryer, he can't work that out so he just frowns and walks away. 
When we first had him he was scared of noises from outside, but now nothing really fazes him, although if we're outside and he sees someone he cowers down, which I can only assume was because of his abuse before you took him in, but gradually he will get over that. I don't think I would really want him outside on his own, so I do like the lead, and he doesn't seem to mind it, which is good. He has plenty of routines which he seems to stick by (such a clever boy)
But I can't tell you how much we love him. He makes us smile, laugh and he's my best mate. 

I have to say, he has the most beautiful shiny thick coat!, it's sad he had such a horrible life before, which is why he will never be sad, unloved or unwanted because he gets everything he wants and he is an absolute delight and I thank you for enabling us to adopt him.

Here are a few pictures attached. ( I could send you loads as I literally have hundreds now! haha)


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