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Blinksy (now renamed Dougie)

Hi Silvana! I thought I'd let you know our lovely newest family member is getting on.

He seemed very 'at home' from the start, didn't hide away anywhere but was eager to explore our house from the day we brought him home. On the second evening we let him have access to our living room and he fell asleep with his head resting on my son's leg in front of the TV! It was so cute! He has a few favourite resting places: the lounge armchair or the right-hand end of the sofa, the ironing-board, a kitchen chair looking out of the French doors, the snooker table and on top of the freezer! Also our front room window-sill from which he can see the cat across the road sitting in the same place! He is a very large cat but he can run quite fast when he hears food being poured into his feeding bowl!

After 4 weeks of being inside 24 hours a day we now let him out into the garden for a short while once or twice a day and he has enjoyed exploring and making funny faces and noises at any bird who dares to land on our fence or the grass. He has a favourite resting spot on the decking underneath a garden chair from which he surveys his new 'patch', which so far he hasn't felt the urge to venture beyond.

At night he sleeps outside our bedrooms on the landing and he is there patiently waiting for me every morning to put his food out for him, with a miaow or two to remind me what my first duty of the day should be!

Although not a 'lap cat' he seems to be very affectionate and often rolls himself on to his side on our laminate flooring for a tummy-stroking or brushing session. The children all love him and, not ever having had a cat before, we are all really pleased to have him with us.

All the best


Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know how he’s getting on. I know it’s very early days but he is remarkably confident and my plan to keep him to just the kitchen for the first day or two (where his bed is) only lasted about 2 hours! So in the end we let him walk round the kitchen, hall and landing for the first evening, with doors to all rooms shut. He was very affectionate with everyone. Day two (Friday) and he’d sniffed out everyone’s bedroom, even climbing up on Joe’s bed, waking him up and they had an early-morning cuddle for half an hour! Last night we were all sat on the sofa watching TV and Dougie just sat wedged between us, or on top of the sofa cushions behind our heads, eventually falling asleep pressed up against Joe’s leg! He’s totally adorable!
He had his first encounter with a neighbour’s cat today who ventured up to the kitchen french doors to check him out. Dougie hissed at him from behind the glass and was very keen to keep watching where this other cat went. I was glad he was unable to get at this other cat!
He’s using his litter enclosure and is eating his food so all seems ok. He does seems quite keen to venture outdoors but we’re very careful to ensure he doesn’t get a chance to escape. I quite like the idea of keeping him indoors as a ‘house cat’ but I don’t know in the fullness of time (i.e. from May onwards) whether it would be better to let him outside or not – any thoughts?
Anyway he’s fine, and seems to be enjoying our company. Long may it last!
David Smile
PS  Holly and I visited the shop in Petts Wood today and just as we got in, Blinksy appeared on the screen – to which Holly shouted at the top of her voice, “Look, there’s OUR cat!!” which woke everyone up in the shop somewhat!
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