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Bertie and Max Homecoming


Bertie and Max have lived at Silvana’s house in Italy all their lives.  They were found as pups dumped in a hedgerow, unwanted as they would grow into large dogs.  Although they are well looked after in Italy, they don’t receive the attention they would get if they were living in the UK.  Plus Silvana loves them and they are far away.  They love people, and guests are always greeted with much enthusiasm.  Also they are very used to cats, and in fact in some way act as guardians to the colony at the house.

Sasha, the third dog in Italy is too old to travel now, and she isn’t really part of the gang having herself been rescued as a stray.  She will keep an eye on the cats.

The plan is to move them to the UK where they can live at Romney House.  Luckily the quarantine laws now requite only 21 days isolation.  But the costs are quite high (much more for dogs than cats).  We need to raise £2500 just to bring back the dogs and 6 cats.

They will be driving all the way from Sardinia which is much cheaper than air travel although will take a few days in the Romney House van. 

If you can help in any way please let us know.


Chapter contents