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AISPA Visit To Alghero

AISPA visit to Alghero, Sardinia, 2ndOctober 2013

SOS Sardinia is a project which aims to castrate/spay and then return feral cats to their colony in or close to the town of Alghero, in order to limit & ultimately decrease colony sizes.  Every six to eight weeks, Silvana travels to Italy to monitor the health and general welfare of these cats, and spearhead regular neutering initiatives.

AISPA – the Anglo-Italian Society for the Protection of Animals - are a British-based charity that raises funds worldwide to help animal welfare projects in Italy.  On 2ndOctober, two of their representatives, Susan Dale (Secretary) and Dr Dorothea Friz (a Veterinary Representative in Italy), will be meeting with Silvana and her vets. If things go to plan, then instead of Romney House having to find the money to pay for neutering (at a cost of around 90 euros a cat, this soon becomes a very hefty bill!), the cost would be covered by AISPA.

This would be a huge step forward for Silvana’s SOS Sardinia project! The vets would receive less money per cat to carry out the neutering, but would not lose out financially as the number of cats being neutered would be far greater.  A win-win situation!!


Our vets have agreed in principal to come on board; we are keeping our fingers crossed that the meeting goes well and AISPA and our vets agree to work hand-in-hand in the future!!  We will let you know what happens – watch this space!!

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