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D.S.H. - Domestic Short Hair

D.M.H. - Domestic Medium Hair

D.L.H. - Domestic Long Hair

        X - Cross breed

   Blue - Reffers to a grey/blue fur colour

F.I.V. + - Feline immunodeficiency virus (essentially a weakened immune system)

Tomcat - Sexually unsterilised/entire male

Queen - Sexually unsterilised/intact female

Caterwalling = Yeowling - Male or female cats calling for a mate & annoucing their presence. (also sometimes the vocalisation of discontent)

Neuter  - Male reproductive sterilisation, rendering entire toms sexually inactive

Spay     - Female reproductive sterilisation, rendering intact Queens sexually inactive

Midden - undesirable Soiling (feaces)

Spray    - High profile urinating (usually a pungeant announcement)

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